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Around Town in Loreto with Lynn Hamman

El Taste Restaurant has been closed for over two years, and Vamos Con Pedrin has now taken possession of that building. Vamos Con Pedrin is open from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m., seven days a week. You can't help but find something to eat or drink on the menu—Steaks, Chicken, Salads, Hamburgers/Sandwiches, Traditional Mexican Combinations, Seafood, Soups, Omeletes, Smoothies, Beer/Cocktails and Juice/Soda. Vamos Con Pedrin is located on the corner of B. Juarez and Zapata (across the street from the Pemex Gas Station). Juanita Pedrin is the new owner and is looking forward to serving you. She also caters private parties and special events (Baptisms, Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc.).

Internado of Colonia Zaragoza lost their beloved dog Willy who lived a full and blessed 14 years. The Internado has other dogs, but needed a replacement for Willy. Linda Nicholls, who has been a volunteer there for 18+ years, had been searching for a replacement. Well, she didn’t need to look long or far since puppies (and older dogs) can to be acquired for a song. The children lined up with excitement to pet the new addition to the school. The children had decided that the puppy’s name would be “Willy 2” (or Willy Dos . . ..however you want to look at that). With 50+ children here, a dog at this school will never lack attention. Willy Dos will never know how lucky he really is! If anyone out there would like to adopt a dog, contact Misty Mattics at Animanandia at
Juanita Pedrin, owner of Vamos Con Pedrin, with her Bartender.

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