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NEWS & POLITICS - Que Pasa San Felipe

?Que Pasa San Felipe?

This sleepy little fishing village has not been so sleepy lately! We’ve had the pleasure of having Baja race pre-runners in our midst for the last several weeks, and now we wait for all the Baja 250 Race festivities to begin!
On February 26th, Las Amigas hosted San Felipe Has Talent at the Pavilion at La Ventana del Mar (El Dorado Ranch). San Felipians came out in droves to see the amazing talents our residents have to offer. There were singers, dancers and skits, including Campo Ocotillo Group’s “A Shopping We Will Go.” What a hoot that was! For anyone who travels up to El Centro for shopping adventures, this skit would have really hit home! Las Amigas raises money for educational scholarships for San Felipe students of all ages, from Intermediate School to University.
Denny and Sandi Flannigan hosted Cheeseburger in Paradise Party on March 2 at their home in Playa de Oro to benefit the Snarlin' Cholla Racing Team. George Jackson and Belinda Eastman have been hosting these parties at different homes for the past 10 years, and this one had the largest crowd ever. Race fans enjoyed perfect San Felipe weather, great cheeseburgers and fun music. A special treat was "home brew" by the Baja Brewers Club.
March 5–7 was the Tequila Festival on the Malecon, benefiting A Child’s Garden charity to provide medical treatment to the children of San Felipe. It was hosted by the BajaMar Group, Tecate and Cotuco. For more information about the charity, visit Check this column for Baja 250 haps next month! Until then, be well, be safe and be HAPPY!

Race Pre-runners in San Felipe

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