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NEWS & POLITICS - Same Sex Marriage Law - Mexico Living Guide April 2010

New Same-Sex Marriage Law in Mexico City
by Magnolia Velázquez

Beginning March 4, the legal modifications allowing same-sex marriage in Mexico City was implemented, despite the appeal of unconstitutionality filed by the Federal Attorney General’s Office, said the mayor of Mexico City, Marcelo Ebrard.

Ebrard explained that the government of the Federal District is ready to sanction civil marriages between two persons of the same sex, and that 52 judges from the Registry Office have been fully trained to perform the civil unions.

“We have taken measures to make sure that the judges in charge of marriages are qualified and that the facilities of the Registry Office are all set. We have to respect the law and this law is valid. We will implement it,” Ebrard declared.

According to the government of Mexico City, 22 homosexual couples have expressed the intention of getting married in City Hall, although they have not presented all necessary documents to the Registry Office yet.

In order to facilitate civil unions and issue marriage contracts, the Registry Office of Mexico City has issued three different forms to fill out: one for “Marriages Between Her and Her,” another for “Mariages Between Him and Him” and a last one for “Marriages Between Her and Him.”

Homosexual couples need to have lived in Mexico City for at least six months and present such proof of residence to the Registry Office in order to get married in the Federal District.

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