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NEWS & POLITICS - South Campos

The South Campos
by June Snow

The people of the South Campos decided that they needed to have a place to get together and discuss their life in a foreign country. So, a meeting was arranged at a local restaurant in San Felipe for all concerned. It was packed!

We explained it has been increasingly apparent that an organization where we could seek information, advice, legal consult, etc., regarding our status as non-citizens owning or renting property in Mexico was very important. I firmy believed that this would benefit both cultures. The misunderstandings that had come about due to the lack of communication, and ignorance of the law, on both sides were staggering.

Rest assured that this was in no way intended to be anti-Mexican, but rather a bridge to better understanding. Our initial plan was to elect officers by popular vote. There is strength in numbers. So, we sincerely hoped the tenants would join us and bring their ideas, questions and moral support.

The name we decided on was "Campos Educational Group."S.C.E.G." And, we are now celebrating our 12th year!

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