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REAL ESTATE - Baja Lending Mexico Licinf Nov 2009)

Baja Lending Company & Baja Closing Services

Baja Lending Company has been the dominant mortgage broker in Baja for five years. Over 100 U.S. citizens have purchased Mexican homes with loans originated by Baja Lending. No other mortgage broker in Baja has provided this level of service or loan volume. Baja Lending Company has closed loans throughout Mexico. Their office is located in San Felipe in Plaza Paraiso, across from the north-end Pemex. As any of their clients can attest, they are available seven days a week to assist you.

Baja Closing Services
provides assistance to sellers and buyers of Mexican real estate in a number of ways. As elementary as it may sound to someone who hasn't purchased Mexican real estate, assuring that the seller is the real owner of the property being purchased is the first of many steps. The most complicated aspect of the transaction is the fideicomiso process. Simply put, if the buyer does not have a fideicomiso, they are not recognized as the property owner by the Mexican government. Even if a U.S. citizen has been in their Mexican home for many years, they are playing Russian Roulette if they don't have their fideicomiso.

Baja Closing Services strongly recommends that purchasers of Mexican real estate demand that all funds involved in the purchase be escrowed. Whether the buyer is purchasing property through a realtor or directly from the seller, it is unwise for purchase money to not be escrowed with a third party.

Avoid potential pitfalls. Get Baja Lending Company & Baja Closing Services involved at the beginning of your sale or purchase of Mexican real estate. You will not regret it. Stop by or call them today for more information.

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