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MOVING TO MEXICO - Mission San Felipe

Mission San Felipe
Bringing the "Good Word" to Everyone They Touch
Mission San Felipe (MSF) worship service provides relevant preaching and teaching, as well as an exciting variety of music. Traditional favorites can be heard during services, and you are sure to hear Gospel Bluegrass and some of the classics provided by their own Spirit of Joy Band.
Pastor Dr. Gary Lewis and his wife, Karen, have extensive experience ministering in the United States, Central America and Mexico. They are an English-speaking non-denominational church whose fellowship in San Felipe brings the Good Word to everyone they touch.
Their main project is Sonshine Hacienda Home for Children. Another project includes the Christmas Program held annually to bring Christmas joy to the children of San Felipe. Some of these children would not have a Christmas if it weren’t for the efforts of the wonderful people of San Felipe.
Sonshine Hacienda is coming along very well, with the assistance of the San Felipe Lions Club and its members. Last year, the organization was able to donate monies for construction after the Blues and Arts Fiesta held at the ball field in downtown San Felipe. They are appreciative of their continued support and donations. 
They have Men’s and Women’s Bible Study and Fellowship as well. These programs are available at the church on Fridays, 8 a.m. for men and 10 a.m. for women. Sunday worship service is at 8:45 a.m. (English-speaking). All denominations are welcome and they embrace each new member into Christ’s family.
Please feel free to call or stop by the church. In San Felipe, call (686) 577-0877. May the Lord always hold you in His tender, loving hands.

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