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SkyMed - For Peace of Mind
Mexico is not all about tacos, margaritas, salsa, tequila, sunshine and sunsets, inexpensive living, sombreros and mariachi bands.

Living in Mexico is also about health care and where to go when you need it. At a time of a major medical crisis it is as simple as going to the yellow pages or the Internet to find a health care provider. 

Excellent medical care is available in Mexico, but what if your preferred providers are in the USA or Canada? What if you want the comfort of your Medicare professionals or your provincial health care plan in Canada? American Medicare may reimburse you for a small amount of emergency care to stabilize you, but does not pay for hospitalization in, or evacuation from, a foreign country. The Canadian plans pay a pittance, although out-of-province insurance can be counted upon; but in many, if not most cases, it is the traveler’s responsibility to pay all charges and then submit them for recovery payment.

If the illness or injury is a critical one, it may well be your hometown option is best for you and your loved ones. To be repatriated to those hometown providers thousands of miles from where you are spending your time in Mexico is very costly. Especially if a flight by a medically equipped jet is required. This can run into tens of thousands of dollars. More important is the air ambulance provider wants to be paid up front.

A very affordable answer can be a prepaid inexpensive travel membership service like 20-year-old SkyMed International Inc, As Maralyne Hoenes, Kalamazoo, Michigan, said after suffering a critical illness in Cancun, Mexico, “If it weren’t for SkyMed, I would not be alive today.”

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