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REAL STATE - Margarita Mind (La Paz)

Do you have Margarita Mind?
Would You Recognize The Symptoms?La Paz BCS Mexico

Thinking of buying a home in Mexico? Then you need this book! This jam-packed, informational and entertaining e-book, written by an expert in Mexican real estate and mortgages, Susan Fogel, known as the Goddess of Loans in Silicon Valley, will guide you through the process. As "closing director" for a major cross-border mortgage company, Susan has seen it all. She filled the book with: coupons, checklists for evaluating the property, trick phrases to clue you in to shady agents, a list of questions to ask and the answers to expect, and "Contract with Sanity" that you sign and send to Susan so you buy the safe and sane way. The contractcomes with a free 15-minute phone consultation with Susan.

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