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ROSARITO BEACH - The Rosarito/Ensenada Fun Bicycle Ride

The Rosarito Ensenada Fun Bicycle Ride - April 17, 2010
This is an award-winning 50 mile bicycle ride along the Pacific Coast and inland through rural countryside from Rosarito Beach to Ensenada, plus a Finish Line Fiesta on the Ensenada waterfront with food, drinks and live music until sunset. Join our next party on wheels on April 17, 2010.

The Original Party on Wheels
by Benjamin Eugene

The Rosarito to Ensenada 50-Mile Fun Bike Ride is a annual event that takes place in Rosarito, Baja. This scenic and award-winning race takes place two times per year, April and September. This year's dates are April 17 and September 25. The Rosarito Bike Ride attracts cyclists from all around the world, and is open to all ages and experience levels with top riders finishing this event in under two hours.

The Rosarito Ensenada Bike Ride began in 1979. The ride starts in Rosarito near the Rosarito Beach Hotel and travels along the Pacific Coast and inland through rural countryside along the Mexico Highway 1 free road to the Ensenada finish line located at Plaza Ventana al Mar, on Boulevard Lazaro Cárdenas, under the giant Mexican flag. As many as 10,000 bikers will enter the race, and with spectators, friends and family that join in the celebrations, the finish line party can exceed 25,000 people.

This event attracts all kinds of people. You'll see colorful costumes and wildly decorated bikes. You see all types of bikes, from tandem and trikes to BMX and beach cruisers. The race course is relatively easy, staying at sea level the majority of the way, with the exception of "El Tigre," a two-mile hill that climbs over 800 feet. You'll see many bikers walking this stretch of the course. Once you get to the top, it's mostly downhill all the way into Ensenada.

The starting line begins at 7 a.m. with the Finish Line celebrations starting at noon and going until Sunset. There is secure bike storage, so you can enjoy the celebrations without worrying about your bike. For more information, visit

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