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SAN FELIPE: ZAPP and their animals need your help.

Our Donor has ended our
Monthly Funding.

OMG! What do we do now? Our generous donor who funded the entire 7.5 acre ZAPP Animal Center project  has stopped giving us our monthly allowance. This allowance  covered all our expenses, including dog and cat food, salaries for staff, including two full time vets, supplies, gas for our generators, paper towels, bleach, water delivery, and anything else you can think of  that a full service animal rescue requires daily.  grteeb
 Dogs just hanging out in Straw Bale House Runs.
ZAPP is doing the most important work for animals ever in San Felipe, and the entire staff and I are bound and determined to continue this work, and get thru this bump in the road.

Unloading Dogs at the ZAPP site after Roundup!
Our funding stopped nearly 3 weeks ago, and although we are negotiating with our donor and trying to come up with a workable solution, for now we are totally BROKE! As in we have no money for dog or cat food, no money for puppy shots and vaccines, no money for salaries---the only money we have currently is what is generated by our eBAY Shoe Store and the monthly subscribers in our Financial Friends Program.

Some Really Cute Puppies we Found at the Dump.

Both my partner Mark and I have used all our Social Security funds to cover salaries up until now, but of course, have to wait till next month for more.... Our payroll alone was $1550 a week, but we've made dramatic adjustments, including some staff working for FREE, and now payroll is down to $700 a week. Everyone has taken dramatic cuts, and we've also gotten some Mexican workers from the nearby Rehab Center who are "work horses" and very affordable.  We've contacted "CANIDAE DOG FOOD", the Best Dog Food Company in the world to see if they can donate to us and deliver to our storage unit in the states. Then we can hand out keys to volunteers and they can bring a few bags down every time they go up to shop.

Tony Chapman Delivering Canidae to ZAPP

We currently have about 190 dogs, including 79 puppies, and twenty cats; this after we just took in 84 dogs from the round up San Felipe held last week.

 Some more of our 79 puppies.

I know that all of you can't help us thru this crisis, but if you can, here are some of the things you can do if you'd like to.

You can send money thru the PayPal link below, and of course, that would be an immediate help.  2000000   You can also shop in our eBAY Shoe Store. Our current inventory of shoes is nearly 600 pairs.  Here's the link for that:

You can also send gently worn to brand new shoes to ZAPP and I will put them on eBAY to increase our sales and inventory. You can send boxed up shoes, no original boxes please, to: 

ZAPP Shoes for Spays & Neuters
95 East Highway 98,
Calexico CA 92232 

Best of all, you can become a monthly donor and subscribe to our Financial Friends program, and we will automatically receive a monthly donation thru PAYPAL for whatever amount you choose, and on the day you choose. Here's a link for that:


  And if you live in San Felipe, or are coming to San Felipe, please feel free to bring food to donate. Also, we always need newspapers, and towels and blankets.

   Read our Blog at

707-320-4969 from the States
686-111-1143 in San Felipe

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