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Centavo’s Two Cents

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

by Penny Nask

Mike and Priscilla Pegg walking their dogs on a beautiful Baja day.

After viewing the Vancouver Winter Olympics from Baja California I found it difficult for my body to call up a “shiver.” The television told me just how cold it was there, that it snowed often and that everyone had on fierce winter clothing as they gathered around a cozy network fire to discuss Olympic events.

This year Mother Nature blew cold weather and snow all over North America. I kept reading about record storms, torrential rains and disastrous floods. While all this was going on I was getting a suntan and collecting shells on the beach here in San Felipe.

The Olympic TV coverage shook me back to a weather reality that I left behind many years ago. I remember snow boots, hats, leggings, scarves, mittens and coats that added several pounds to any activity that we wanted to do in the snow. You couldn’t walk normally once you were dressed for the outdoors. You waddled to your sled. Your nose hairs froze instantly, but you expected this when you went out to play. I can still call up the smell of wet wool when our snow clothes were drying on the heater.

San Felipe got another cold snap in late February, but it wasn’t enough of one to make much difference to us. We organized an off-road vehicle trip where we found ourselves in the middle of a fossil bed that was developed from a time when the ocean covered the terrain we were riding on. It was thrilling! During the same trip we stopped for a picnic just below a mountain made of quartz. We climbed it in sandals.

This April we are planning fishing trips, rides in our ATVs and more excursions down the coast of the Sea of Cortez. The wine country is a short distance from us and we look forward to sampling the wines of the area.

In our neighborhood we relish each others companionship knowing that we have all made the best choice of location for our retirement. It’s easy to get together, to watch the sunset from a neighbor's rooftop with drinks in our hands and smiles on our faces. We are planning events for our casual futures.

Because Baja is loved so much, we watch the daily transformation of a simple Ramada being closed in, or rooms added to an existing living space. This makes us happy because we know that once you are here . . . you never want to leave. It just makes sense to “add on.”

Baja is growing at a comfortable rate as we gather around blueprints of our neighbor’s homes. As some of us build and play we watch the daily changes of our snow-covered mountain. It reminds us that we can continue to get where we were going and that our adventure is a continuous climb.

Before we know it we will be swimming in the ocean again and waiting for summer.

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