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DINING - La Cascada Restaurant

La Cascada Bar & Restaurant in Loreto
by Stockton Hill

From the comfortable and relaxing covered patio, which looks up and down the cobblestone streets of the historic district, to the large palm tree growing up through the patio ceiling, La Cascada Bar & Restaurant offers a fabulous ambience and some of the best Mexican food in Loreto.
After traveling to Loreto from Costa Mesa for years, owner Lucia Alaniz said her children told her they would rather live in Loreto. So, 11 years ago Lucia decided that Loreto was a safer and better life for her kids, and moved permanently. For the last five years, the Alaniz family has been making their guests feel right at home. Often you'll find the son Ariel waiting tables, and Lucia behind the counter or helping in the kitchen.

On our first visit to La Cascada, my wife and I had a craving for pescado (fish), so we decided to order the Pescado de Salsa de Mango (fish in mango sauce) and the Pescado al Cilantro (fish in a creamy cilantro sauce). Both dishes were beautifully presented and grilled to perfection. This was my first taste of fish in a cilantro sauce, but could possibly be one of my favorites. The cilantro flavor was light and accented the fish perfectly.

The fish served both in the mango and cilantro sauces were dorado, also known as mahi mahi, caught locally the same day. For those of you that want to catch your own fish, La Cascada will cook your catch to order for only $5 per person. In addition, they offer a full bar with 16 different varieties of tequila and 10 different varieties of scotch.

La Cascada serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, and is located in the historic district on the corner, a block from the Mission of Loreto, at Salvatierra and Zapata. (613) 135-0550.

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