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HEALTH - Mexicans now live longer lifes

Mexicans are Living 25 Percent Longer Than 40 Years Ago
by Adrian Jimenez, Mexico City, The News

Mexico has created the conditions to notably boost the country’s collective health, the National Population Council (CONAPO) said Tuesday.

This is reflected in longer life expectancy; between 1970 and 2010, people now live an average of 14.8 years longer, CONAPO said in a press release. Today, Mexicans live on average 75.4 years. Women live an average of 77.8 years, while men reach 73.1 years.

According to the objectives of the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals on Population and Development, by 2005 countries must have had a life expectancy greater than 70 years and increase this number to 75 years by 2015.

All 31 states and the Federal District met the 2005 goal, while 24 states have already boosted life expectancy to 75 years. By 2015, all states will have achieved the UN goal, CONAPO said.

Demographic transitions have been accompanied by a shift in the type of most common illnesses. Diabetes and hypertension, before associated with industrialized countries, are now commonplace in Mexico, CONAPO said.

Still, however, some people in Mexico are prone to infectious diseases and premature deaths. In urban areas, environmental problems, stress, sedentarism, violence, and chronic or immune-system diseases, such as tuberculosis and HIV-AIDS, are more prevalent, CONAPO said. Between 1980 and 2005, infant mortality dropped 68 percent, from 52.6 deaths to 16.8 deaths for every 1,000 babies born. That figure has dropped further, to 14.2 deaths per 1,000, CONAPO said.

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