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NEWS & POLITICS - Rise in fuel

New rise in fuel, to $ 8.12, a liter of Magna

On Saturday April 3rd, the price of Magna and Premium gasoline recorded an increase of 8.4 cents per liter.

The price of diesel will increase 8 cents, said Luz Maria Jimenez president of United Gas Station of Puebla and Tlaxcala.

The millions of consumers have to pay 8.12 pesos per liter of gasoline type acquire Magna; 9.78 pesos for the Premium and 8.48 pesos per liter of diesel.

This is the fourth recorded fuel increase so far this year, as part of the federal government's strategy to strengthen public finances: Magna gasoline, which is the most consumed in the country (9 out of 10 cars the demand) recorded an increase 4.1% in price, so far in 2010.

Premium Gasoline accumulated rate 2.19% higher, while the cost of diesel went up 3.29%.

The Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP) said the policy adopted fuel consisting of regular and gradual adjustments in the prices of petrol and diesel is to prevent abrupt impacts on inflation.

In December last year, Magna every gallon of gasoline cost 7.80 pesos, pesos and 9.57 Premium Diesel 8.16 pesos per liter.

These increases will represent federal government revenues equivalent to almost 22 billion pesos a month in the case of Magna and Premium gasoline, and, about 9 billion dollars per month for the Diesel.

The prices were applied on Saturday April 3 and the current exchange rate, gasoline still too Magna weighing three cents cheaper than its counterpart in the United States, the Regular and Diesel weight 13 cents cheaper.

The gap between the Premium that is sold in Mexico and the United States market is only 14 cents, a difference that would end with the increases planned by the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit for the next four months if the price of fuel in the U.S. remains unchanged.

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