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SAN FELIPE - Business, Baja Nueva Closes

Baja Nueva Will Close Their Doors for Good on May 16
by Benjamin Eugene

Sunday, May 16, will be the last day of business for Baja Nueva, San Felipe's premiere gallery and purveyor of fine home decor. Owners Jerry and Sherry Lankin have been avid supporters of the arts since they opened on Highway 5, north of town in October 2007.

In April of 2008, they moved to the Plazita downtown on Ave. Mar de Cortez. The new location allowed them the opportunity to grow, expand their offerings and even provide exhibitions for local and regional artists.

The store, art and furniture galleries have been growing every year, and they are very profitable. According to Jerry, "[Baja Nueva] has provided us with a nice income." Sadly, they could not find anyone to take over and continue the great business that they have created.

At the beginning of July, they'll be moving to Tucson, Arizona, to be closer to family. They are building a new home and it will be ready by mid-June.

"We will miss all of the wonderful clients and friends that we have made, the interesting tourists that we meet from all over the world, and the compliments that we receive from everyone who comes into the store." says Jerry. "Shopping for new and interesting merchandise has been a hoot. Putting it together and displaying it into a coherent and salable product that has been so well accepted has been very fulfilling."

Baja Nueva is not yet closed, so visit them before the 16th, when the doors will be closed for the last time, and we all wave good-bye to two people that have helped make San Felipe and Baja beautiful.

Baja Nueva owners Jerry and Sherry Lankin.

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