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ART - Juan Angel Castillo

Juan Angel Castillo . . . Born with a Paintbrush in His Hand
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Juan Angel Castillo Bertho is a Mexican artist born in Zacatecas on February 22, 1949. Juan Angel adopted Baja California as his home when he moved here over 45 years ago.

Castillo began painting at the early age of four and was considered a born and natural talent, which he has nurtured and polished after many years of discipline and dedication. He is passionate about painting on a variety of surfaces such as canvas, paper, murals, sculpture and art objects.

He utilizes various unique techniques that he playfully and masterfully mixes with apparent simplicity to the abstract bodies that are portrayed as figurative hyper-realistic scenes. Juan Angel Castillo has participated in group, as well as one-man exhibits in Mexico, the United States, Canada, Japan as well as in London, England.

His works are represented in many prominent private collections. In 1982 he participated in a worldwide competition organized by the BBC in London. He was awarded Honorable Mention as the only Latin-American artist to participate in the contest in which there were over three thousand artists from China that took part.

In 1993 his work titled "Promised Land" obtained unanimous recognition at the 1993 Interdisciplinary Conference of Landscape, Climate and Ecology of Southern California. The conference took place at Cal State Northridge and was co-sponsored by the Ghetty Center of Los Angeles.

His works have been featured in magazines and books such as
Tierra Adentro, Voces y Reflejos, Rutas de la Luz, Mexico Siempre, and the book published by the Tourism Secretariat of Baja California Norte, as well as Baja Traveler Magazine and various other foreign publications.
This is Juan Angel Castillo, the ideal artist. Though he himself does not talk of his sensibilities, which are revealed in the beauty of his paintings and many other works.

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  1. Muy preciosa pintura, el brillo de sol se puede ver reflejado en la piedra. Que hermoso atardecer.