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My Journey to Baja
How I Discovered the Good Life in Baja
In 1963, my husband and I came here to camp for three days with friends, leaving our two children with my parents. San Felipe, at that time, was not much more than a speck.
We fell in love with the area, especially the Sea of Cortez, and decided that when we retired we wanted to live in San Felipe at the beach. Two more children . . . and eight years later my husband got killed in a car accident.
I never returned to San Felipe; but in 2000, the kids raised and having moved to Colorado, I packed up my 6-foot by 8-foot trailer and after 6 days on the road I finally arrived in San Felipe.
When I crossed the border I was pretty scared, I was alone, spoke a little Spanish, but realized this is a different country, different language, different money, yes, different everything I knew . . . but I kept coming.
I now have a larger trailer and live in a campo here in San Felipe at the beach and am very happy that I came. I am living the dream for both my husband and I even though he is not physically here.
I am retired now, hire out for translating, write poetry and just enjoy life.

My kids are mad at me because I am not living my life as they think I should but, after all the years of raising them alone, I feel it is my time to live and this is where I care to live it.
Thank you for listening.

Happy to be here in San Felipe,

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