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PEOPLE & VOICES - Around Town in Loreto

Around Town in Loreto with Lynn Hamman
On April 21 the Inauguration of Club de Adultos Mayores (CLAM) was held in the Plaza Juarez. This organization has been developed in coordination with the National Institute of Aging Adults and the Volunteer Ladies Committee of Loreto's Municipal DIF. The committee is comprised of Mirella Ramírez De Yee, Presidenta Del Sistema DIF Municipal, C. Mirna Hernández Álvarez Subdelegada de INAPAM en Loreto and Profa. GPE., Araceli Rebollar de Castro Presidenta del Comité De Damas Voluntarias de DIF Municipal. MayorJuan Yee-Cunningham presided over the dedication of the center. The audience enjoyed the festivities including the dancers, singers, presentations and refreshments. Everyone was given a tour of the facility where there will be health information classes, craft classes and Zumba exercise classes by Erika Plascencia (of course, at a much slower tempo).

Loreto Adventure Network (LAN) was developed in February 2010 of local business owners/operators whose common goal is to provide a resource for socially and culturally aware travelers who wish to enjoy the unique beauty, spirit, history, and hospitality of Loreto and surroundings. This group is comprised mainly of guides, tour operators, lodgings and other various businesses in Loreto. Jill Jackson, Debora Simmons and Julie Ramos initiated the group with the help of webmaster Tom Haglund. Currently, there are 17 members of this group who meet bi-monthly at the Eco-Alianza office on Hidalgo. Hopefully, through marketing, more air travel opportunities and the uniqueness of this group, more tourists will visit Loreto. The website is Check it out!
Mayor Juan Yee-Cunningham presiding over the Inaguration of Club de Adultos Mayores (CLAM)
Loreto Adventure Network (LAN) web-banner by Tom Haglund.

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