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2nd Annual Tripui Charity Fishing Tournament
June 24–26, 2010

Tripui Sportfishing is a group of anglers that call Puerto Escondido in beautiful Loreto, Baja California Sur, home. Puerto Escondido is located on the Sea of Cortez, surrounded by the Islands of Loreto and the Sierra La Giganta mountains. Tripui Sportfishing's purpose is to raise monies for local charities and to take advantage of the great fishing in Loreto, or as Tournament Chairman Bud Dees says, "The number one purpose of the Tripui Fishing Tournament is to have FUN!"
The original idea of the 2009 Tournament was to raise some money to purchase toys for the poorest children in Loreto. To that end, the children of the Colonia Miramar School(located in the poorest area of Loreto) were chosen to be the beneficiaries. Not knowing what the response would be, a modest goal of US$5,000 was set to purchase Christmas gifts for the children. Thanks to your generous support, they not only met that goal, they doubled it to the tune of $10,500.00!
The school provided them with the names, ages and genders of all the students, and the gifts purchased were age and gender specific. Each gift was individually wrapped (by the ladies of Tripui) and name tags were put on each gift for distribution on the last day of school. In an effort to benefit all the children of the school, various school supplies—writing tablets, pencils, crayons, dry-erase markers, etc.—were purchased for each classroom, as well as some sports equipment (basket balls, volley balls and nets) for school yard activities and a copier (for duplicating tests) was also purchased.
In its first year, the Tripui Sportfishing has improved the lives of so many. Imagine what they could do this year with your support. If you're an angler looking for an experience of a lifetime, while helping others, then come to Loreto and fish for the charity.
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