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Paodavy Medical Services
Fernanda Ovando 
Region: Baja Peninsula  
Type: Medical Tourism Facilitator
Contact: U.S. (619) 779-8036,,
About: Certified by the goverment Medical Tourism Facilitator for Baja, also provides Medical services for Los Cabos, Cuernavaca Morelos, Cancun, Mexico City.
In Business: 1–5 Years/años   
Staff: 6–10 Employees/Empleados
SkyMed International 
Name: Cathie Smith LoCicero 
Region: Baja Peninsula  
Type: Emergency Air Evacuation 
Contact: U.S. (575) 527-8227,,
About: The premiere emergency air evacuation membership program in North America. Their members are Americans and Canadians who want to go HOME in case of a medical emergency suffered more than 100 miles away. SkyMed takes you ALL THE WAY HOME (not just to the nearest facility).
In Business: 16 or more years/16 o más años   
Staff: 15 or more Employees/15 o mas Empleados  
Name: Rufino R. Ruiz, M.D.
Region: Tijuana, BC
Type: Plastic Surgeons/Cirujanos Plásticos   
Contact: (877) 865-5501,,
About: Plastic Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery, Aesthetic Medicine, Fillers, liposculpture by area with local anesthesia, facelift with local anesthesia and other procedures for patients with high blood pressure or diabetic.
In Business: 16 or more years/16 o más años 
Staff: 6–10 Employees/Empleados

Cirujano Oftalmologo
Dr. Maria Alonso
Tijuana, BC
664) 686-1692,
Optical Services, adaptation of glasses and contacts, treatment of eye diseases, and surgery.
In Business:
10–15 years/años
1–5 Employees/Empleados


Baja Medix
 Dr. Hector Camacho
Region: Rosarito Beach, BC
Type: Boating and Fishing   
Contact: (661) 612-1266,,
About: Consultations by general practitioners and specialists, surgerys, ambulance transports, hospitalization, emergency services. Open 24/7. Most staff are bilingual. They have medical plans with discounts. Soon to open a new facility, bigger hospital.
In Business: 11–20 years/años  
Staff: 11–20 people/Empleados   

Casa el Jardin
 Cha Cha
Region: Rosarito Beach, BC
Type: Assisted Living Community Center 
Contact: (661) 612-4595 or (949) 274-9899. Leave a message to be returned in 24 hrs.
About: Residents provided with 24-hour caregivers, on-call physicians, meals, hygiene, medical supervision, mobility and rehabilitation, companionship, activities and outings, transportation, day care/Respite care.
In Business: N/A
Staff: N/A

Playas de Baja
 Kimberly Wherley
Region: Rosarito Beach, BC
Type: Medical Vacation Rentals/Accomodations for Medical Treatments
Contact:  (760) 666-5738,,
About: Rentals located in Tijuana and Rosarito are specifically catered to patients who are traveling to Baja for any type of medical appointments, procedures or treatments. Their dream team understands the importance of medical time frames, and will ensure that guests arrive to all appointments on time with their free transportation service. Most importantly, rental rates are comparable and, in some cases, priced under hotel rates if booked for one month or more!
In Business: 1–5 Years/años
Staff: 1–5 Employees/Empleados

Vinci Plastic Surgery
Dr. Soberanes
Region: Rosarito Beach, BC
Type: Plastic Surgeons/Cirujanos Plásticos
Contact: U.S. (619) 906-7949,,
About: Plastic surgery clinic and plastic surgeon certification.
In Business: 15 years/años
Staff: 6–10 Employees/Empleados
Cirugia Bucal y Maxilofacial e Implantes Dentales

Name: Dr. Rogelio Arevalo
Region: Mexicali, BC
Type: Dental Care/Cuidado dental
Contact: (686) 552-6949,
About: Specialties of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Orthodontics, Endodontics, general practice such as whitening, dental implants, porcelain crowns, dental plates and bridges, resin and amalgam fillings, treatment for gum disease and preventive dentistry.
In Business: 30 years/30 años
Staff: 6–10 Employees/Empleados
Clinica de Asma y Alergia
Dr. Valente Merida

Region: Mexicali, BC
Type: (Med) Allergist-Immunologist/Alergólogo inmunólogo  
Contact: (686) 554-0506,,
About: Specializing in allergy (allergy determination in blood, nasal cytology), pulmonary function tests computerized rhinometry and computed rhinomanometry, nasal and pulmonary inhalation therapy, pulmonary physiotherapy, skin prick test, specific immunotherapy.
In Business: 16 or more years/16 o más años
Staff: 6–10 Employees/Empleados

Beautiful You!
Kathy Preppernau
Region: San Felipe, BC
Type: Beauty Consultation 
Contact: (686) 210-4458,   
About: A personal beauty consultation service with over 20 years experience in health care, skin and cosmetics, Kathy can help you put your best face forward! Gift packages and product collections are available.
In Business: 20 years/años
Staff: 1–5 Employees/Empleados
Consultorio Dental y de Ortodoncia
Dr. Jason Arias
Region: San Felipe, BC
Type: Dental Care/Cuidado dental  
Contact: (686) 577-6212, 
About: Dental Clinic. Specializing in Orthodontics (braces), Fixed and removable restorations, (bridges and partials), extractions, white fillings (resins), whitening, cleaning, and dentures.
In Business: 10–15 years/años
Staff: 1–5 Employees/Empleados
Farmacia Medicorama
Hector Goncalez
Region: San Felipe and Rosarito Beach, BC
Type: Pharmacy  
Contact: (686) 577-6261,,
About: Best supplied pharmacies on Generic Medications, Orthopedic and Patient Medical Needs. Diabetic and Hypertension Meters. Owned and operated by a 40+ year experienced pharmacist and his family. Their motto is: "We take care of your health as if it was ours."
In Business: 40 years/años
Staff: 11–15 Employees/Empleados

Hair by Nancy
Nancy Moore
Region: San Felipe, BC
Type: Beauty Salon  
Contact: (686) 113-3682 or (686) 190-8880  
About: Nancy has over 30 years experience as a stylist and colorist. Hair By Nancy also offers manicures, pedicures, facial waxing and acrylic nails. Open Monday–Saturday, 10 a.m.–5 p.m.
In Business: 1–5 Years/ años
Staff: 1–5 Employees/Empleados

Lillyana's Salon
Hector Goncalez
Region: San Felipe, BC
Type: Beauty Salon  
Contact: (686) 577-6253,   
About: A full service American-style hair salon and barber shop.  Services include: color, highlights, manicures, pedicures, waxing, and soon to begin permanent cosmetic makup for eyebrows, eyeliner and lips. Open 6 days a week from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. 
In Business: 4 years/años
Staff: 1–5 Employees/Empleados

Dr. Bill Chiropractic
Dr. Bill Sniechowski
Region: Cabo San Lucas
Type: Chiropractic and Nutrition
Contact: (624) 118-1603,,
About: Chiropractic, Sports Medicine, Clinical Nutrition, Pain Relief and Energy Enhancement, Acute and Chronic Injuries, Rehab programs, Diet, Nutrition and Weight loss, Neck and Back Pain Relief, Longevity and Chronic Illness Support, Non-drug Female Hormone Replacement, and Orthotics and Postural Improvement.
In Business: 28 years
Staff: 1–5 people
Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine
Jane Sipe, L. Ac.  
Region: Todos Santos, BCS   
Type: Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine  
Contact: (612) 151-7026, 
About: As a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Jane works with you to restore balance so that your body can respond with its own healing mechanisms. Acupuncture is the hallmark of TCM in the western world. Modern science has proven what acupuncturists have known for thousands of years: humans are complicated bioelectric systems. 
In Business: 1–5 Years/años  
Staff: 1–5 Employees/Empleados