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Mailbag - June 2010

Tuna Pens and Illegal Netting
I would like to comment on the "Sportfishing vs. Tuna Pens and Illegal Gill Netting" by Dann Manz, published in the May edition of Mexico Living.

HATS OFF TO YOU, DANN MANZ, for speaking out against these tuna pens and gill nets!

We need more folks in Baja like you, who care about our environment, and have the cutzpah to make their opinions heard!

And thanks to the Mexico Living editors for printing this article!

—Vivian Marlene Dunbar, Tijuana

MLG - Vivian, I've passed along your "kudos" to both Dann Manz and the publishers, and we all thank you for taking the time to give us a pat on the back.
Moving to Mexico
I thought I saw an ad from a company that specializes in moving people to Mexcio. I can not find it now. Do you have any information on that or a website I can go to?

Also what are the rules on driving our own stuff down? Anything you can give us would help.

We will be moving to Loreto. Our FM3 is ready for us to pick up this next week on our next trip down there.


---Michelle, Grapeview, Washington

MLG - Michelle, we're extremely excited that you've decided to relocate to Baja.
The company you are referring to is San Felipe Moving & Storage. The article appeared on page 14 of the November 2009 issue. Visit their website,, and click on "Importing Your Goods." Also,

I would recommend that you contact them for more detailed information. Please, let us know how the moves goes.

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