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NEWS & POLITICS- Cd. Constitucion traffic harassment ALLERT!!!.

The city of Cd. Constitucion has been sanctioning the using a traffic ticket trap. Under many pretenses they have been extracting money form drivers with foreign license vehicles. In many cases the officers have been taking cash from the victims. In my case a week ago two motor cycle patrolmen puled me over as I approached the city. they had no radar equipment, alluded to speeding but I was behind traffic and just went over a speed bump, so they mulled it over after seeing my Mexican drivers license and decided to write me a ticket on the pretense that there was a problem with my California license plate. I was directed to go to the police department and pay the fine. I inquired at the department as to what was wrong so I could correct the problem so as not to be ticketed again and only received a 25% discount for my trouble (from $525 pesos to $393). Since this has been a continual problem, reported by many travelers, on a Federal Highway, thru a town without a by pass, the federal, state, and community governments must act to deter these illegal harassments.
1. put a Mexican flag on your dash, The three police donation slips I had didn't help.
2. take your front license plate off. The police operate from the side of the road and see your plate and flag you down.
3. slow down, the prevailing speed may be fast enough to ticket.
4. take the very first side street and by pass all those traffic sign and lights and traffic ticket traps.
5. many of the traffic lights are still out since Jamina and there are now a tricky maze of alto signs, lights, blinking yellow lights with alto signs etc.
6. get names and numbers of officers and take a picture.
7. get a written ticket rather than doling out cash then pay the ticket at the station and ask for a discount. It wont take you more that half and hour and you have documentation.
8. do NO business at any of the stores and/or tell them there will be no more business till this harassment stops. Wars are won on economics.
9. contact the mayor, the governor, the president, the sub-director of police (Sr. Villalejos 613-100-1910), the US Embassy (1-888-407-4747), (1-800-782-7463) and protest.
Fraternally; Joe Wachter
Permission is granted to reprint and disseminate this item at will.