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Rosarito Seeks Help To Eliminate Graffiti

Cantamar Fundraiser Scheduled For June 19

ROSARITO BEACH, BAJA CALIORNIA, MEXICO--- David Flores, the head of the city’s anti-graffiti program, says that community assistance is vital to eliminate the effects of the vandalism.

Meanwhile, one volunteer group in Primo Tapia is pitching in to help remove graffiti and raise funds to fight it.

"We need the community to support us and report when they see graffiti being painted,” Flores said. “We know that this problem still exists, but we can fight it together, residents and government.”

People can call 066 to report incidents.

Flores noted that in the past three months graffiti has been removed from areas including
various points on Boulevard Benito Juarez, Guerrero, on the side walls of the scenic highway, parks and public spaces, in addition to pedestrian bridges.

He mentioned extensive work in the area of Prima Tapia, mainly on bridges and fences along the tourist area, which have been most affected.

Part of the removal has been done by a volunteer residents group called the Primo Tapia Graffiti Busters. That group also will hold a fundraiser from 3 to 7 on June 19 at the palapa at Cantamar.

Structured as an appetizer and dessert cook-off, the event with a $5 admission charge also will include bingo, drinks and hot dogs.

Further information is available at, or by calling Finula at (Nextel) 125*316514*16 or Susan at 661-614-3383 (in Mexico) or 562-684-0984 (US).

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