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If you and/or someone you know have given monies in consideration of receiving legal title(s) and/or infrastructure improvements to a lot and/or lots located in or near San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico, but have yet to receive the promised title(s) and/or improvements, please contact us as you may be eligible for compensation and/or other legal and administrative remedies.

We are not lawyers.

Just like you, we are unfortunate victims of fraud and misrepresentation and we need to hear from you regarding your own experiences with San Felipe land developers.

It is important that you understand that you are not alone, as hundreds of individuals just like you have been defrauded.

Fortunately, there are acceptable remedies to resolve our collective problems, but we need to act together to effect reasonable solutions. If you are interested in working together with us, please send us your name, telephone and email address and we will contact you soon to discuss a sensible plan of action.

Together we will prevail.

PROFECO (Mexican Federal Consumer Affairs) will be available at the Baja California Secretary of Tourism office in San Felipe to take formal complaints from claimants on:

Saturday the 22nd of May (10am to 1pm)
Saturday the 5th of June (10am to 1pm)
Saturday the 26th of June (10am to 1pm)
Saturday the 17th of July (10am to 1pm)

The following documentation is requested to make a formal complaint:

• a brief description of the problem
• copies of original “purchase” agreement (and any subsequent modifications or addenda)
• copies of any checks (both sides so it can seen where it was cashed/deposited)
• copies of any bank wire instructions and/or receipts
• copy of passport
• copy of Driver’s License or other photo ID
• copy of FM2 or FM3 (if available)
• copy of letter and/or email sent to seller during last 365 days requesting delivery of lot(s) and/or infrastructure (mandatory)
• copies of any email communications and/or letters regarding the “purchase”

Any individual or legal entity that believe they are victims of real estate fraud and cannot file their complaint in person can:

• email requested documents in PDF format to:
• fax the documents to 888.404.3636

• mail the documents to:

PMB 82
PO Box 9019
Calexico, CA 92232-9019

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