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Bisbee's Offshore Tournament - UNBELIEVABLE!!!


by Bob Farmer, Cabo Riviera

Day one at the Bisbee was pretty exciting with a 581 pound Black Marlin being  caught. Day two seemed to get off to a decent start with an early fish weighing 365#. After that the day was quiet. No radio traffic, nothing. We sat around looking for boats on the horizon and hoping for more fish. There were reports of a few fish coming in but nothing exciting. Finally the announcement came to quit fishing and come back to the dock.  One by one the boats came in.  A couple of decent Tuna came to the scale as well as a couple of good Dorado.  Several boats had some Marlin flags but also had the same number of "released" flags. Then a boat returned with a Marlin flag.  They backed up to the shore through the cadre of other boats.  We could see the tail of the fish; it looked like it would weigh.  The whole crowd of fishermen and spectators drifted down to the beach to see if this was a good fish.  It looked good.  300 pounds plus. But it had to beat 365.  The crew was celebrating like they had beat the previous fish.  Well of course, wouldn't you?

They posed on the beach for photos and finally the big fish was taken to the scale. We all watched as the fish was stabilized and the weight read from the scale.  

Three hundred and sixty SIX pounds!!!!  Impossible.  But after rechecking the scale it was confirmed that the last fish of the day had beaten the first fish for a prize of 65,000 DOLLARS by ONE POUND!!!!

My friends, it just doesn't get any more exciting than this.

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