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Change . . .

Everyone encounters change almost on a daily basis—be it routine, minute, or a major, life-altering change. In fact, the first changes in our journey through life begin the moment we are born. First we leave the comfort and safety of the womb, take our first breath and there’s even a change in how we obtain our nourishment.

Walt Disney is attributed with saying, “Change is inevitable—growth is optional.” Changes in life are inevitable—just like the baby out of the womb; however, it takes courage to make voluntary changes that will allow for long-term growth. And, yes, sometimes pain accompanies change; but when the benefits are realized, the pain of change is quickly forgotten.

Although many people say they don’t like change, change is constantly occurring inside and outside our lives . . . people change, things change . . . and Mexico Living is changing again—a good change for all!

Knowing that our readers want to live the “Baja Good Life,” we are taking a leap of faith, and dealing with the growing pains, to experience long-term growth for not only ourselves but for you, our loyal readers, as well.

Mexico Living's Baja California Guide is currently in the process of becoming a members-only benefit of Baja Good Life Club. Baja Good Life Club is a life and travel discount club for visitors and residents of the Baja peninsula. During the transition, you will still find “free” copies of the guide at your local establishments, in limited quantities. No later than August 1, 2010, “Your Guide to the Good Life” will only be available through your Baja Good Life Club membership.

How is this good for you?

  • You no longer have to go out and find a copy of “Your Guide to the Good Life.” Mexico Living's Baja California Guide will be delivered to your Mexico, Canada or United States address.
  • As a member of Baja Good Life Club, you’ll have access to exclusive club rates on Mexican Auto Insurance, with annual liability policies as low as $77.07 and full coverage as low as $140.84.
  • Receive exclusive discounts on products and services from our growing list of participating Baja merchants—food, lodging, printing, real estate, shopping, doctors, pharmacies, building and construction, professional services . . . about anything you can imagine.
  • Membership is only $45 per year.

Changes in life are inevitable, the growth part is optional. So, join today . . . come grow with us!

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives, but rather the one most adaptable to change.” —Charles Darwin