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ENSENADA: July 4th Extravaganza is History

From the golf cart parade to the apple pie contest, to the fireworks crescendo against the backdrop of Bajamar’s oceanfront resort, the 2nd Annual Whales Tail July 4th celebration was a huge success.    Approximately 400-500 people attended the free, day-long event, enjoying music by a variety of bands and a delicious assortment of food provided by Calafia Hotel and the La Salina Cantina.  

The day began with a golf cart parade that meandered through the residential areas of Bajamar and over to the hotel and golf course.  Carts were bedecked in the red, white and blue – some whimsical, some patriotic and some just downright funny.  Dan and Sandi Straka, Bajamar residents, won the first place award for their cart, but a close contender was the cart by Rick and Ellen George, who blared a little Jimmy Buffet while they waved their flags.  

Once the parade ended at The Whales Tail, the festivities officially started.  Mexico Living was one of the official event sponsors along with Calafia and La Salina, and vendors included Jo Ann Knox with her award winning wines; Polo Valencia representing his fine art gallery; artists Martina Dobesch, Robert  Pace Kidd and Jorge Imana; dentist Miguel Ortiz and many more.  

A highlight of the day was the apple pie contest sponsored by Hogaza Hogaza bakery in Ensenada.  The tension was a thick as a piecrust as judges tasted the luscious desserts.  Finally, with all votes tallied, the winner was announced:  Wathenia Burbey had baked the best and within seconds, it had been snapped up as eager patrons paid $2 a slice, proceeds benefiting the Baja Scholarship Foundation (BSF).  In fact, the overall event raised more than $1000 to go to the BSF.  Add that to the fact that a great time was had by all, and you have a July 4th that will go down in history.

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