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NEW - PRI candidate wins Tijuana mayoral election

PRI candidate wins Tijuana mayoral election
Bustamante victory is major reversal for PAN
FOX 5 San Diego Staff 9:40 AM PDT, July 5, 2010

TIJUANA, Mexico - A candidate from Mexico's Institutional Revolutionary Party claimed victory in the Tijuana mayoral race Sunday, in what appears to be a part of a major upset for the country's ruling National Action Party.

The PRI's Carlso Bustamante, a 65-year-old businessman had a four-point lead over Carlos Torres, 34, of the PAN Sunday night, with about 75 percent of the votes counted, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported.

Bustamonte was born in National City, speaks fluent English, received a business degree from the University of San Diego and owns a condominium in downtown San Diego, the Union-Tribune reported.

Bustamante's victory is a major reversal for the PAN in Tijuana. Until Sunday, the PAN had won six of the past seven mayoral races in Tijuana. Mexican officials said Sunday's election could be a record low turnout for Tijuana. Tijuana was one of five Baja cities voting for mayor on Sunday. The PRI was ahead in all five races and appears likely to win a majority of the state legislature, the Union-Tribune reported. Copyright © 2010, KSWB-TV

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