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ROSARITO BEACH - A Note from Cuba Gooding Sr.

A Note from Cuba Gooding Sr.

“I take my position as Rosarito Goodwill Ambassador very seriously. The Baja has so much to offer the world – from its vibrant and wonderful people to its pristine coastline. Recently, the American media has
given the Baja a bit of a “black eye” by continuing to report crime associated with drug issues. Anyone who has spent any amount of time here knows that this issue has been blown way out of proportion.
Because of this negative portrayal, I have watched many local businesses close their doors over the past 2 years and it breaks my heart. Having made Rosarito Beach my second home, I am invested in seeing to it
that my community thrives. My amphitheater is a project that I hope will do just that.

Cuba Gooding’s Pyramid Amphitheater will seek to co-op with businesses in both Tijuana and Rosarito. Tourists and natives that attend concerts at Cuba Gooding’s Pyramid Amphitheater will be encouraged to
visit these local businesses. In turn, these businesses will offer special incentives for concert attendees.
For example, a discounted hotel rate could be offered upon presentation of an amphitheater concert
ticket. Businesses will be able to advertise at the amphitheater as well as in concert program booklets
given out at the concerts. These incentives should increase revenue, giving these businesses a much
needed boost in tourist dollars.

As Goodwill Ambassador, I will never stop working hard for the people of the Baja”.
Cuba Gooding Sr.