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SAN FELIPE: San Felipe Reading Group Author Review

Author Review
The brand new San Felipe Reading Group was privileged to host Paul E. Williams, author of "If I had been born a Muslim" at a recent meeting in San Felipe, Baja California.  It was our first International Book Review and everyone present was delighted to hear his refreshing point of view about his maturing faith.

Paul Williams pointed out that the title of the book could just as easily have been named “If I had been born a Catholic, a Baptist or any other religion”.  The book is not about the Muslim religion or any specific religion.  It’s about looking at your own religion from a different point of view.  His gift is his ability to demonstrate how he carefully reassesses his faith forming process and is able to integrate his beliefs into a deeper and more honest faith in God.  As a result he opens many doors for his readers and so invites them to journey with him and question, as he questions.

This book is especially valuable for people who know suffering and loss and want a clear process and structure to build a stronger, spiritual platform.  I highly commend Mr. Williams for his courage, the depth of his search and vast research.  The San Felipe Reading Group is still talking about "If I had been born a Muslim".  It would be a fine choice for all real seekers willing to use their minds as well as their hearts.

This is his first published book, although he has written and published many technical papers.  Paul is retired and lives in Saratoga , California .  His book is available at - for a discount use #P89CCAFW.  It is also available at

 Cathy Lee Knight
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