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NEW - SEMARNAT has revoked the permits for Cabo Cortez

Provided by: Baja Western Onion
Cabo Pulmo Reef - We are very proud to announce that we have just been advised that SEMARNAT has revoked the permits for the mega development known as Cabo Cortez that threatens the Cabo Pulmo Reef. The developers seek to build 7816 homes, 3655 hotel rooms, a 490 slip marina, 2 golf courses, 5000 employee residences, an airport and commercial areas all right next to the Cabo Pulmo reef a UNESCO World Heritage Natural Site. This is a great victory for those of us who love the reef and believe that a sustainable tourism model is possible.

We want to thank you for all of your support. Whether you helped spread the word or helped us collect signatures, congratulations are deserved by us all. This was, above all, a collective achievement. Recognition should also be given to the accurate and timely decision by SEMARNAT, which showed a welcome sensibility to the voice of civil society. We should be filled by hope in knowing that the voice of organized citizens is capable of creating great changes, when backed up by sound science and presented in a respectful way, through the appropriate institutional channels.

Cabo Cortés, as would be the case with any person or company, has the right to request these environmental permits again, be it with the project we know, or a modified version. We trust that, if they so decide, more attention will be paid to the information they present to the public, to the voice of the local community and to the current planning instruments for the region. A huge congratulations to Pedro Zapata and the supporters of Cabo Pulmo Vivo,, as well as those from Agua Vale Mas Que Oro, (En Espanol:, Google Translation into English:, who supported this important initiative. - Cabo Pulmo Vivo Agua Vale Mas Que Oro, 145-0050

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