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Publisher’s Letter - Aug. 2010

Publisher’s Letter

Many of you have been reading our publication since 2007, and you've seen us go through many changes. So, as the publishers, Rachel and I thought we should, personally, explain the latest modifications.

In February 2007, we published the first edition of San Felipe magazine. At that time, the economy and tourism was much better and different than today; and many San Felipe readers were asking about other areas of northern Baja and Sonora. We quickly realized that we needed to expand and the San Felipe title would no longer work; therefore, the name was changed to Mexico Living, and we added the Baja Gold Coast and Puerto Peñasco, Sonora.

In 2008 we had grown to the point that we could no longer produce the quantity needed in the small, glossy and very expensive format; however, we struggled with it for the next six months as the numbers throughout Baja grew, to the point that in September 2009 we had to change to the tabloid newspaper format. It was less expensive to produce at the high quantity needed to cover the Baja Peninsula and Sonora.

During this same time we were having bigger and bigger issues with logistics in Sonora. The cost of transporting to the various tourist destinations in northern Sonora became prohibitive to the point we could no longer cover the Sonora region. We had always known that Baja was special and unique to Mexico, and now we were a Baja only publication; therefore, Mexico Living would no longer work for our title, so we changed to Baja California Guide.  

At the same time, the economy continued to slow and tourism dropped to an all-time low. The businesses that we once supported were struggling or closing for lack of business. We had to do something quick, before we were forced to do the same.

Since 2007 our goal has been to produce the highest quality publication, provide our readers with the best articles and features possible and market Baja merchants across every possible medium. Today our goal remains the same. Our decision to change once again is in effort to stay true to our goal and to be a positive part of your Baja experience.

In today's economy, people need to reduce costs and save money wherever possible, and businesses need to reduce overhead, yet remain visible in the marketplace. Our new Baja Good Life Club addresses these directly.

Now all Baja California Guide subscribers are members and all members will save on everything in Baja. We are working to provide discounts from all the businesses our readers use and need most: from groceries to insurance; restaurants and lodging to tours and transportation. All Baja Merchants Members offer discounts to our members and our members will do business with the merchants . . . everyone wins.

We are going back to our original small format and will no longer provide free copies; as of this edition, Baja California Guide is a members-only publication. The smaller format makes it ideal for members to carry their discounts and benefits with them in their car, pocket, backpack or purse.

It's time to rediscover Baja!

John and Rachel Pack