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TODOS SANTOS - Cerritos Lifeguards

Todos Santos the Cerritos Lifeguards - After one year of working with the government, training the lifeguards and organization procedures we finally have three lifeguards on duty Wednesday-Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m starting at Cerritos Beach. The Municipal government, through ZOFEMAT, donated the tower and most of the rescue gear as well as a modest stipend for the lifeguards. Costa Azul Surf Shop donated a rescue board, and the office staff donates all their time.

At this time we are creating a non-profit called PROPLAYAS-Todos Santos with the purpose of providing safety at beaches, promoting water activities, and protecting the beaches. Please help us keep our beaches and waters safe. We need an ATV for long distance rescues and cash. Your donation will assist the lifeguard work and PROPLAYAS-Todos Santos with operational expenses, consistent training, and education programs. Gracias! - Proplayas Todos Santos,, 612-161-0232.

Information Courtesy of Baja Western Onion

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