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DINING GUIDE - Posada Don Diego serves up Baja's best breakfast!

Let me start by saying breakfast is our meal, my wife Rachel and I will have breakfast anytime of the day and although some would say we’re nuts, in many cases we would prefer a breakfast over any other meal. It’s not the fancy breakfast I prefer, but rather the ol’ standby of bacon or sausage with eggs over easy, occasionally supplemented with hot cakes, french toast or biscuits and gravy. Mmm,mmm, good. Rachel on the other had, loves lots of veggies, omelets and the healthier fair...good for her. 

If you’re a breakfast nut like we are, or just someone who enjoys a good breakfast, then I have a treat for you. In all our Baja travels we have found many great breakfasts, but none like the Sunday buffet we found at Posada Don Diego, a large RV park with a small motel and restaurant in Vicente Guerrero, a small community about 11 miles north of San Quintin. The restaurant has been owned by the Martinez family since 1979 and operated by them personally since moving from West Covina with their three young children in 1981. Since then the place has become a favorite to the locals and travelers alike.
Since the troubles began with the cartel and the US media began making sport of it, things have slowed for Posada Don Diego, the once bustling RV park is now quiet with few guests at the motel, but the restaurant still draws them in with clients from morning until night, and the Sunday morning buffet will be bustling with families and the few travelers that know the realities of the US media, and continue to come to Baja, where it is always safer than north of the border...sorry I digress. 
In the three weeks we have stay at Posada Don Diego, we’ve eaten at the restaurant three different times; once a week is our limit for eating out; yes we have a budget. With something so good and so close, we couldn’t see going someplace else to eat, and since we both love breakfast, two of the three meals were the Sunday buffet.
The buffet is everything you could imagine from an omelet bar to many of the standards, a total of over 35 items, each hot and delicious; I know because between us we tried them all, even the rice pudding, which wouldn’t normally be a breakfast food for me, but with the cinnamon and the manner in which they make, it is now. I couldn’t recommend Posada Don Diego any more. 
If you’re passing through Vicente Guerrero and at some point you will, if you do any traveling in Baja. I highly recommend you stop in and enjoy their buffet or any meal, anytime of the day, or any day of the week. The buffet is Sunday from 8AM to 3PM. I would recommend getting there before 11AM, when the church crowds descend in large numbers. The buffet is all you can eat and only $10, and worth every penny.

Posada Don Diego can not be seen from the road and if you’re not paying attention, you’ll pass by and not even know the place was there. Here is a map to the location. The easiest way to find it is to remember it’s behind the large “Z” gas company. If you’re heading south in Vicente Guerrero, the road will narrow from two lanes to one as you pass the only Pemex. About a quarter-mile further you’ll turn right, just before the “Z” gas, look for their sign. From the south, heading north look for the gas company on the left and turn left immediately after their wall. Follow the dirt road down past Don Pepe’s to the fork and continue forward along the road lined with white-painted rocks. The road will end at the restaurant.
Posada Don Diego is also a Baja Good Life merchant member, so be sure to bring your Baja Good Life card for an addition 10% off. You can find out more about Posada Don Diego in the
Good Life Directory. Buen Provecho!

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