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NEWS & POLITICS - Mexican President gives Annual State of the Union Address

President Felipe Calderón Hinojosa
As reported by MexiData.

· Annual Informe
· Excerpts from two hour speech

President Felipe Calderón declared that the Bicentennial Generation has the opportunity to change Mexico, since it is time to reflect on our future and ask how we want to be remembered.

“That is why this historic date is also time for Mexico to change. It is time for the profound transformations we need. It is time to take the risks and pay the costs entailed by these changes. And that is why we must go ahead with the changes we have undertaken and begin others. That is the only way we will be able to consolidate the nation for which the Insurgents and Revolutionaries fought.

"Transforming the country is a task that is up to us, not only the various orders of government, not only the authorities, but each and every Mexican. Society has always been the main transforming force of history," he said.

At the National Palace, during the 4th Report of Government (Informe), or State of the Union Address, the President declared that the Nation is demanding greatness from everyone in order to overcome disagreements, because, "It is unfair and irresponsible for our differences, however legitimate they may be, to curb the country's progress. Mexico cannot afford to wait any longer.”

"As President of Mexico, I know that we cannot stand idly by, watching our best opportunities as a country go by. I am not prepared to do this and, as far as I am concerned, I will make every effort, until the last day of my administration, to ensure that this does not happen. I will continue working on behalf of citizens, I will maintain my willingness to listen to their demands and problems, and act firmly to solve them," he explained.

After explaining his Decalogue of Commitments, the President urged state and municipal governments to work even harder in the fight against crime.

He urged legislators to discuss and approve the initiatives that will make Mexico economically competitive, such as the Labor Reforms and the Reform of Public-Private Partnerships.

He also asked investors, as well as social and political leaders, to support and make proposals regarding the administrative and telecommunications reforms his government will carry out.

“I know full well that many citizens still feel worried and uncertain. And I assure you that it is possible to control crime, [which] will not be easy or fast, but it is possible to achieve the security we desire for our people, and we will achieve it.

"I urge the political forces, the orders of government, Congress and civil society organizations to work shoulder to shoulder to achieve these objectives,” he said.

President Calderón also stressed the need to close the gap that divides Mexico, namely poverty.

"It is now up to us, the Bicentennial Generation, to take up the finest ideals of these two generations and promote the profound changes required by our country, in order to construct a better future," he said.

Fourth Report of Government, Presidency of the Republic, Mexico, D.F.; September 2, 2010; translation Presidency of the Republic

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