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NEWS - 5.4 earthquake in Baja California

MEXICALI, BAJA CALIFORNIA (14/SEP/2010) .- The State Direction of Civil Protection (Dirección Estatal de Protección Civil) discarded that any material or human damages were registered, after having an earthquake registered this dawn of 5,0 in the scale of Richter.

The director of Civil Protection, Alfredo Escobedo, signaled that this telluric movement, which occurred at 3:52 am, pacific time, 75 kilometers to the south-southeast of Mexicali, did not generate panic between the population, and even many citizens did not feel it.

Escobedo Ortiz said that after supervising public buildings and the city, firemen and civil protection workers discarded any type of material or human loss.

However, he indicated that in the course of this morning two retorts have been registered, one of 3,4 degrees and the other of 1,9 degrees in the scale of Richter, which have occurred practically unnoticed by the population.

This past fourth of April an earthquake of 7,2 degrees was registered in Mexicali, which was felt in Baja California, San Luis Colorado River, Sonora and part of California, United States, and left more than 30 thousand victims and great structural damages.

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