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by Steven Forman, aka DogMan

Just a quick status update to let you know that as of October 1st, the ZAPP Spay/Neuter Street Project will be opening its new location here in San Felipe. On Saturday, October 16th we will hold our first no to low cost clinic, and we need some financial help to buy paint, building materials, lighting, recovery supplies, and so much more.

Bill Spradlin of San Felipe Home Builders is creating a substantial sized, well lit, well equipped surgery room for Dr. Solis and his assistants from the University, and we'll have a very efficient recovery area for post surgical patients where volunteers will oversee dogs and cats as they come out of surgery.

As you know, back in December of 2009 all the supplies ZAPP had accumulated for our then existing spay/neuter project were given directly to the ZAPP Center which is now permanently closed, and we are unable to get any of our supplies back so we can continue this work. If you can make a donation of any size to help in the overall cost of opening our new center, we would be very grateful.

We plan to hold at least two clinics every month, fixing 100+ animals so we can get back on track with fertility control in San Felipe, with an overall goal of doing 200 spays and neuters each and every month.If we can just fix 75% of the stray and indigent animal population, we will ultimately see zero additional population growth and we will see the the end of roundups and euthanasia. Thanks so much in advance for your continued support and generosity, and most of all for your belief in me, and the work ZAPP is committed to doing.
Please donate whatever you can afford through this link:

You can mail your donation to ZAPP, PMB 194 / BOX 9019, CALEXICO CA 92232 or drop off a donation to Box 194 at YET MAILor at the counter at SUNRUNNER Mail Service.
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