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ART - Franciso Cabello

Article Courtesy of Baja Artist

Born in Mexico City in 1952. Early in his life his family moved to Monterrey, Nuevo León, where he felt the call of the Art. He entered the School of architecture of the State University but, after some time he decided that this career did not carry the type of expression that he craved. Looking for a better development of his artistic leanings, he entered the School of Visual Arts of the State University to get a formal education in art.After getting his degree in visual arts he attended several courses, seminars and workshops and participated in several exhibitions, both collective and individual.
Cabello has been able to capture the paradox in the daily small moments, creating a sort of anecdotal register of ever day events expressed in imagined metaphors.

It is easy to appreciate in his work, both the early production and the most recent output, the recurring appearance of stylized parsonages, apparently commonplace but which, upon closer observation, reveal an generic origin, fascinating the spectator as he gets involved in the discovery of that that Cabello´s brushes tries to extract from his personal experience, where it discovers itself transformed, starting from that childbirth which has been left behind when the frontier of reality was crossed…. so, in the realm of fantasy the idea gets a magic sense, something surrealist which make us enter in a world of dreams where, curiously, that which we should find strange, is precisely that which has engaged us, those things which appear to be a part the psyche … those, our disintegrated beings. So, the artist offers us his collection of dreams, to be read through the lens of the unconscious, that archaic language of the visceral.

The oil and the watercolors have been his preferred tools for the development of his visual narrative. His work presents us the ambivalence of forms, which are fragmented or in a moment of dispersion, but still fighting to maintain their oneness; images which point us toward two concepts: fragility and human scission, and in the other hand, the lovely presence of his bohemian characters, tango dancers, lovers, singers or just simple figures floating blissfully in the sea,, playing chess, sleeping, painting, Etc. Living their dreams, masters of their time, created with warm colors in intimist and nostalgic environments. They break that crude reality which pursues us and from which we would like to escape, that fragility disguised as strength, and the current cult to the hastiness for the hastiness itself, which ironically appear in the thoughts of the spectator when he finds them lacking in the painting. The artist finds the way to create a relief valve against the demands of a suffocating society and he does that merrily.

Architecture University of Monterrey Mexico 1970-73
Visual Arts University of Monterrey Mexico 1981-85
Classes and lectures on oil painting, watercolors, etching, and drawing, with Hector Carrizoza, Jose Luis Cuevas, Rodolfo Rios, Xosse De Sade, and others.

- Casa de la Cultura- Monterrey Nuevo León, México 1986
- Galería De Arte Del Instituto Mexicano Norteamericano- (IMNRC), Monterrey Nuevo León, México 1986
- “X” Exposición anual Cruz Roja – Monterrey Nuevo León, México 1987
- Nina Moreno Gallery – Tijuana, México 1995
- Art Walk Festival of San Diego – San Diego CA 1997-98
- Alvares Gallery – Laguna Beach CA 1997-98
- LGD International Gallery – Palm Springs CA 1998
- Blue Moon Fine Arts Antiques – Ojai CA 1998
- Galeria “Otra Vez” Self Help Graphics – LA CA 1998-99
- Esquina De Bodega Galeria – Ensenada, Mexico 1999
- Sienne Galerie – Aix en Provence, Francia 2000
- Giorgio Santini Gallery – Estudios Fox, Rosarito BC 2001
- Widmen Galleries – Las Vegas, Nevada 2002
- Soho Music Club¬ – Santa Barbara CA 2002
- Instituto de Cultura de Baja California – Rosarito, Mexico 2003
- Hotel Calafia- Rosarito -- Mexico 2004
- Salon Lujon And Day Spa – Fullerton CA 2004
- Instituto de Cultura de Baja California – Rosarito, Mexico 2005
- CEMAC Centro de Cultura – Rosarito BC 2006
- Festiarte Art Festival – Rosarito – Mexico 2007
- Collective Exposition Instituto de Cultura de Baja California – Rosarito, Mexico- 2007
- Grand Opening Restaurant “Corrientes 348” – Ensenada, Mexico – 2007
- Permanent Exposition at Polo’s Fine Art Gallery- Rosarito -Mexico
- And many other galleries and shows in Mexico and US
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