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BAJA - Beware Money Scam

Beware Money Scam  - We got a phone call Saturday from the States which my wife answered. The person phoning said that he was my nephew and he wanted to visit us and she then answered no problem. Steven is a nephew I have not seen for 25 yrs. She then put him onto me and he said he was Steven and not suspecting anything I said great come down. He then phoned back and organized his ticket while talking to me for Sunday supposed arrival time at 11:45am. 

Sunday morning I get a call at 9 am and he says he is at San Jose airport and when I questioned to him as to why he was early he claimed he got an earlier flight but that he had a major problem in that he had brought in $27,000US and they had arrested him as he was only allowed $10000 and had confiscated the money and could I speak to the Custom Officer who then came on the phone speaking with a very similar accent to Steven. This person then gives me a long story about him committing a very serious crime and that another agency had taken the money and that they had Steven locked up in a high security area and that I would not be able to enter and talk to any of the authorities unless a fine of $15690 pesos was paid [as I had asked to have a meeting with the Customs and Steven] and that I must answer some questions to prove Steven is telling the truth questions like his fathers, brother and sisters names, etc. I answered them and was told to go and pay the fine as they were happy he was telling the truth. I told them to take the money out of the $27000 and was told that was not possible as that was in the hands of the other agency and that I must pay this fine into a bank like Bancomer but I said that's not possible as it is Sunday and he said no problem I can pay it at Walmart or Elektra. 

Now I was suspicious and asked for the government agency and account number. In the meantime I asked for Steven's flight # and airline as no flights from Dallas come in first thing in the morning and was told to mind my own business as they don't have to give that info and the guy was now getting aggressive. I insisted on him giving me the Walmart account name and #, he then gives me a persons name and a number and says I must give him my bank account details as they have to release the money to an account as I cannot give it in cash. I refused and put the phone down. I must have had another 20 calls which I did not answer and to this date have had no further calls. 

The whole thing was a scam to get me to pay the $15690 pesos and get my bank details If anybody phones you claiming to be a relative or to have arrested a relative don't give them a name or any information regarding your family as they immediately use that and if they phone you using a USA cell phone not a local line be suspicious I think they got my information off of FACEBOOK as FACEBOOK notified me of a suspicious site when checking it, it was a USA site I know this is a bit long winded but it went on for some time so if it is of interest please just put in what you think is relative Thanks Jimmy Smith Baja California Sur.

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