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SCORE Baja 1000
By Karri Moser

The legendary Baja 1000, aptly nicknamed the “granddaddy of all desert races”, is quickly creeping up. The event will be held November 16th-20th starting in Ensenada and ending in La Paz. So far, participants from 35 states and over a dozen countries have already entered the rugged and internationally televised race that rolls through some of the roughest terrain in the world. 300 entries are expected in the 33 pro and 7 sportsman categories. The event, the 43rd held, is also expected to draw approximately a quarter million spectators and fans.

Hopeful Baja 1000 racers can enter up until November 17, 2010. The pre-race briefing that all must attend will be on the 17th also. Almost any kind of vehicle ever produced has a place in the race. While traditional racing cars, trucks and motorcycles may make up the majority of the entrants, dune buggies, ATVs, and custom vehicles all have a slot in the race and a chance to win in their category. The race will wind across both sides of the peninsula and always promises to be quite a show regardless of where along the way you catch a peak.

Started by two men racing their Honda 250 motorcycles in 1962, Dave Ekins and Bill Robertson Jr., the race has undergone many changes and even bans over the decades since sports fans have been descending on the desert to kick up sand and roar their motors. Despite any past changes, the Baja 1000 only gets bigger and more intense each year. It is the largest sporting event in Baja and the oldest desert race anywhere. With participants from all walks of life, including Hollywood and rock legends like Ted Nugent, Steve McQueen, and Patrick Dempsey, the race draws a wildly diverse crowd. XGame stars, drag racers, NASCAR racers, and motocross daredevils all have made the race a venue for them to showcase their talents. All who enter, whether well known and the unknown alike, love the adventure and challenge the Baja 1000 poses to all who dare to make the trek.

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