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SAN FELIPE - Casa de Fé orphanage receiving their first children

This is a happy time for Bill and Carol Spradlin and the four young girls that will be arriving to their new home today. Their new home is Casa de Fé, an orphanage with the goal to provide a healthy, family-type environment for abandoned and orphaned children.

This has been a long time coming, having started the project back in October 2006. They have proceeded forward step by step, as funding was possible, and with each step of the way, they’ve had to overcome insurmountable obstacles. Today the dream is a reality.

With a group of dedicated volunteers, Casa de Fé will meet the daily needs of each child with loving care, schooling, and other essential services. Children will share meals, play together, go to school, do homework and learn to count on a caring, secure environment.

Bill and Carol, originally came down to San Felipe to semi-retire and work on projects with their church. They just wanted to worked in the US 6 months of the year and then return to Baja for the other 6 to work on charity projects. But that didn’t happen, their construction business took off and although they didn’t get to go back and forth as they had hoped, it worked out for the better; Baja become their home and according to them, “it has allowed us to start the orphanage”.

Now 4 years later, with completed construction on the first of 3 homes of the orphanage, they have achieved another big milestone and their first children will occupy Casa de Fé. Ultimately, with the continued support and help of the community, they will be able to house 12 girls in each home.

The homes will be staffed from the local Mexican community with a mom and dad for each house to give the children the cultural and family values needed to succeed in life. Complete screening was done by the Mexican government to ensure the couple is suitable for the project. In addition, the Spradlin's have spoken with the Municipal and State officials and have received a lot of help and encouragement and promises of ways to help the girls to go on to higher education if that is what they choose to do.

They are working to secure funding for the monthly costs necessary to run the orphanage. Their monthly budget for the first house is only $3000 US/month. They also need volunteers to work, donate materials, raise funds, and pray for the children and for Casa de Fé. They need families and organizations to pledge monthly funds to help maintain a total 12 children, and to support Mexican house parents and an assistant, water and utilities, medical expenses, tuition and educational supplies, food, personal necessities, insurance, and transportation.

Children without parents need a place to grow up among people who know and love them, a new family to support and prepare them for a productive life as an adult. Casa de Fé’s purpose is to meet this need.

To donate or get involved, contact Bill and Carol at the San Felipe Homebuilder Office at Plaza Paraiso, Km 178.5 Carret. 5, Mexicali-San Felipe or by email or visit them at

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