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BGLC - Baja Good Life Cover Contest!

Dear Baja Good Life Readers & Members,

It saddens us greatly to tell you that we have had people cheating on the Baja Good Life Cover Contest. Unfortunately due to the few that decided it was important enough to cheat, we have had to put a lot of time and effort into creating a new voting system that will safeguard the integrity of your votes, and will not allow cheating or multiple vote by the same person. 

We apologize to all the photographers and artists and to all of you that have voted for your favorites honestly. PLEASE, PLEASE take the time to recast your vote and show these wonderful photographers and artists that you love Baja and the amazing work they've submitted. 


The new voting system will require you login. The community login will not work, you can use your club login for the main site or create a new login from the voting site. Thank you for your understanding. 

Baja Good Life Club Managment

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