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LORETO: World Vets and Animalandia head into the Loreto hills

The work done in this town to aid the well being of our pets (mascotas) is amazing.  There are a handful of people who can always be counted on to 'do the right thing' by the animals and have made such a profound difference since we landed here in 2002.  By 2003 Ed and I had 19 dogs living in our house (I'm amazed at his tolerance).  Animal rescue is not for the faint of heart - Ed and I have calculated that we have spent about $500 for every rescue dog (about 40) including shots/clean-up (this was prior to the existence of Animalandia), spaying, and generally restoring an animals health and getting them onto a plane and into homes.  We have seen the sickest dogs, many died in our arms and those who were so malnutritioned that their spines completely torqued around - we had one 4 month old female who was so badly off her front end was twisted and she walked on the back of her front paws!  We thought she  was crippled for life but with a few weeks of proper nutrition and tons of love, she was healed!  She went on to a starring role as a veterinarian's sidekick on a tv show!  Today, with Animalandia, a lot of that load has been lifted with vital, regular, spay and neuter clinics.  The number of street dogs has dropped tremendously!

A few years ago, Liz and Jack moved to town.  Liz is a vet from California who specializes in large animals.  While she is one of the movers and shakers for Animalandia, her specialty is desperately needed in the ranches surrounding Loreto.  Dr. Liz has instigated an Equine and Large Farm animal clinic in this area on October 19-26 along with members of the World Vet's who are angels to the animals.  These are animals who, for financial reasons, may not otherwise have received help.  Animalandia works cooperatively with the local vets here in Loreto - they supplement where people can't otherwise afford animal care.

Liz needs some things to help all this happen.  Following is a list of items needed for the clinics and some other items needed to help add a bit of relaxation and fun to the participants from the World Vet' is Liz's and Loreto's way of saying thanks...thanks for coming all this way on your own time and dollar to help people with their animals - help that otherwise might not occur - the animals are better off so these souls really deserve a treat at the end of it all.  If you can donate any items to aid in the clinic or the thank-you, then please, please, please...get in touch with Liz or myself.  (Liz hates to not so much...)

If you would rather help with the Loreto Spay/Neuter Clinic during the same time period, either visit their FACEBOOK page (Animalandia Loreto BCS <> ) or visit their website directly at  Their FB page has lots of great photos and details about a calendar put together by volunteers to help raise funds.

Now back to Liz, the farm animals and the 5 vets who are coming (2 from as far away as Greece); collectively, they need:

  • to borrow 4 vehicles to take to San Nicholas - should be dirt road worthy - will be gone overnight on Thursday (Oct 21st)
  • cots, mats for sleeping on (this item may already be taken care of but let us know anyway)
  • borrow 3 vehicles on Saturday (Oct 23rd) for the easy drive to Ligui
  • drinks, ice, snacks for 3 days of hard work (Liz can accept anytime and store at her place - El Tiburon Casitas)
  • boats to take the whole group out to Coronado (12-14 people) for a picnic and snorkeling - would be even better if the boats would tour around the island to capture the sealions. 
If Liz can make this effort a success, she is hopeful that the World Vet's will continue to send vets and supplies - something the ranchers in this area would be so appreciative of (not to mention the animals).  Lets help Dr. Liz make this a success - please check your supplies for things she might need, buy some drinks or snacks or ice and drop it off at El Tiburon Casita's on Calle Davis or make a donation - Liz can take those too.  And, you can also buy a calendar (great gifts) or an animalandia t-shirt (go to their website) with the cutest damn chihuahua artwork on it!  Here is Liz heading out onto the Sea of Cortes...

I'm going to take this opportunity to plug Liz's other business, her and Jack's "El Tiburon Casitas" <> .  We watched them build these adorable, generously sized casitas in a quiet, in-town neighborhood with a pool, bbq etc.  Wonderful quality, comfy beds and showers to ooh and ahh in.  Check out her site and make a point to stay or recommend her place to others - its a fabulous bargain.

Thanks to all of you who continuously help out - you've made Loreto a better place for the animals in just a few short years.  High five!

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