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PUNTA BANDA - Sucessful Murder in La Buf Aodra

On October 20, La Bufadora Restaurant presented a Murder Mystery Dinner.  Set in the 1920's , the Juice Joint was the place to be for gangsters, molls and crooked politicians and law enforcement. I (Jan Burg) arrived in a 1920s Ford, with a driver / body guard.  All the guests dressed in 20s attire and drinks were served in coffee cups.
There was a large array of appetizers to get the party started and then dinner was served, beginning with a creamy crab in a pismo clam shell, followed by minestrone soup, salad, pasta, shrimp and steak.  There were 3 participants who were able to guess the murderer.

Who was the Murderer? It was...the Chief of Police!  He murdered Nick, North side gang leader.
Everyone participated to the max...dressing, playing their parts, etc... (everyone had a part).  The funniest thing that happened is that when the murder took place, the lights went out (but it wasn't really dark) and the victim fell dead to the floor.  People screamed and then the shots that killed him rang out!  We have to work on our sound effects a bit.
We will be having another Murder Dinner at La Buf' Adora Restaurant in December.
Submitted by: Jan Burg <>

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