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ROSARITO BEACH - Primo Tapia Graffiti Busters Fund Raiser

BINGO BENEFIT for Primo Tapia Graffiti Busters
Saturday, Oct. 23 at 2:00 - 5:00
Cantamar Palapa

Play Bingo for super prizes.
Beer, Wine, Cocktails, Hot Dogs and Fun!
Join neighbors and meet new friends helping Graffiti Busters and Las Damas raise money to paint out graffiti around Primo Tapia and Puerto Nuevo

Seating is limited, so reserve your place or get more information from Finula at or US nextel 125*316514*16 or call Susan--Mx
(661) 614-3383 or US (562) 684-0984

You are invited to the next Bingo event in the Palapal (the HOA club house behind Rubens Palm Grill which is part of the Cantamar HOA) to raise money for Primo Tapia Graffiti Busters to paint Puerto Nuevo (which is a starting point, which hopefully will continue to more areas)  Puerto Nuevo restaurants generously donated gifts of lobster dinners and seafood gratious gifts to our last fund raiser in the Palapal in Cantamar).

Fausto Palanco also donated some culinary art work (which city members were given for our last Bingo fund raiser). If you can't attend and you would like to make a donation to purchase graffiti resistant paint for south Rosarito, please let me know. Facebook page "primo tapia graffiti busters"

As you may know, this is all possible by Mayor Hugo Torres who responded to an email I sent him re. the graffit problem in Rosarito.

If you take the free road, please take a moment to notice that the Rancho Renosa bridge that we painted (which Mayor Hugo Torres attended) has not been defaced by graffiti since it was painted white in April of this year.  This event was publised in many of the Mexican media outlets in Rosarito).

Please show your support in any way you can, donations gratefully accepted if you cannot attend the event.
This benefits all of us as home owners here. Graffiti resistant paint that can be removed easily with the wipe of a cloth is our goal for the entire south Rosarito area! Let's take pride in our community and make it better and remove graffiti!

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