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SAN FELIPE - Shoes for Spays!

Donated gently worn to brand new shoes are the magic bullet for ZAPP Spay/Neuter Project. We can take any shoe donations and photograph them and put them up on eBAY in our our shoe store and turn them into cash for our spay/neuter project. As long as they are resell-able, we can take men's, women's, casual, sporty, flats, heels, boots and even handbags. 

Please drop them off at our booth any Saturday morning at the El Dorado Swap Meet, or One of a Kind Fashions, or the People's Gallery. You can also drop off shoes and donations for our Silent Auction and Casino Event slated for Saturday, November 13th at the Pavilion at either Sunrunner Mail Service or YET Mail Service. 

Check out our eBAY Shoe store at:

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