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SAN FELIPE - Shrimp Festival Nov 5th - 7th

Three days of celebrating the shrimp industry and all it contributes to the culture of Baja is about to kick off in San Felipe. The San Felipe Shrimp Festival will officially take place from November 5th through the 7th on the Pier and the main avenue. The XVIII edition of the Shrimp Festival promises to be bigger and better than ever before.

While the shrimp season is well underway, the festival will incorporate other industries and how they tie into the area’s dependence on and love of the shrimp fishing industry. This year, showcasing the culinary art of preparing and using shrimp in a wide variety of ways will be a main goal of the festival. Other industries, such as Baja California wineries and Traditional Tequila Producers will be part of the festivities. Area folk artists will also be on hand to make the festival all the more diverse and appealing to everyone.

The festival is typically held after election week in the U.S. and before the onslaught of the Baja 1000 race crowd. The festivals ability to draw a grand and varied crowd, along with reaching out to other businesses to expand the festival, is indicative of the shrimp industry’s importance to the local culture and economy. The shrimp industry knows shrimp season is about more than bringing over 500 tons of shrimp from the sea, but also a time for scientists to explore and study the impact on the ecosystem. Scientists and fishermen alike have worked together over the last several years to study shrimp, the gear used to catch them, the impact on the environment and also ways they can incorporate sustainable fishing practices. The enforcing of regulations to keep the industry alive and prosperous while working to explore new ways to safely fish is in the best interest of all parties. Continued success of each season will only translate to continued success and growth of the festival geared toward celebrating this time honored livelihood.

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