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CABO SAN LUCAS - The Dog Whisperer Visits

Information Courtesy of Baja Western Onion

The Dog Whisperer Visits Cabo San Lucas - Mexico's famous natural dog trainer Cesar Millan. Unique opportunity for 8 dogs. Submit photo and tell us why your dog needs training. Shooting starts Dec. 4-8th. Shoot times are 9-4. 8 dogs will be trained for 5 days, 1 1/2 hrs. each day at a cost of $85 per day/$425 total. On Sat&Sun from 5-8pm the TV Show will broadcast "Live" with a seminar where you can have all your questions answered by the master himself. Cost is $44pp per day. Saturday for Spanish speaking and Sunday for English. Online Q&A for all dog lovers. Don't miss this rare opportunity. - Michael Hayles,,, 624-145-8147, Baja California Sur

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