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Currently in La Paz there are locations to take dogs. One is the Baja Dogs La Paz Refugio which opened in 2007. This refugio rescues and accepts abused and abandoned dogs. 551 dogs have entered the refugio to date with 231 going to Canada and the US and many more adopted locally.
On entering, they are tested for Distemper, Parvovirus and Heartworm. If they are negative they are then treated for any conditions they may have. Sadly if they test positive they are put to sleep in a humane manner with one of our staff in attendance. Each dog receives a name prior to being buried . For those fortunate to be free of contagious diseases they are dewormed, vaccinated, fed and loved while our adoption volunteers look for a loving home for each animal

The government's dog pound known as the Perrera, which is located just off the highway towards San Pedro, accepts and pick ups all unwanted dogs. They are not checked for diseases or treated for any conditions such as ticks or fleas but are put in cages for 3 days. During this period the owner can retrieve their dog if in fact it was lost and taken to the Perrera by mistake. Following the 3 days, the dogs are put down.
We try to save a life by taking dogs from the Perrera but it is challenging as exposure to Distemper and Parvo are very likely. It is very difficult at times to keep the dogs at the refugio healthy without the threat of contagious diseases such as these.

We recently picked Sunny up from the Perrera. Fortunately, even though he was exposed to the Parvovirus, his tests came back negative. Volunteers and staff pulled well over 200 ticks from Sunny but the good news is he's on the road to recovery.
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