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LETTER - Afraid to Cross the Border

On Mon, Nov 8, 2010 at 6:12 PM, a Baja Good Life Reader Cathy wrote:
Due to the border news, we are afraid to cross the border to go to our property in Baja.  What do you think the real dangers are? Please reply.

Reply from Publisher John Pack:


The only unsafe part of driving to Baja, is getting through California. You are absolutely safe here, anywhere you would want to be. If you don't go to bad areas looking for drugs late at night, you have nothing to fear. The US push as much negative press at their citizens as possible, to get just this kind of questioning. 

The truth of the matter is the US is having difficult financial times, citizens are losing homes and jobs, in addition to baby boomers starting to retire. If they all knew their dollar would go further, they could live longer and happier and at a higher standard in Baja...then all that money would go south with them, and right now the US need every penny to stay north of the border. 

The US is FAR MORE DANGEROUS THAN MEXICO: If you look at the global statistics, you will see that the US is actually the most crime ridden country in the world, believe it or not. Here is NationMasters statistics for total crime by country. You will see that the US has nearly double the crimes as the #2 country.

Hope this helps, and we see you in Baja soon.


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  1. your cited reference is way out of date. That is data from 10 years ago and it is only crimes. and we know Mexico most crimes go unreported vs industrialized nations reporting. But I agree with your point.

    The actual current data on what is important for people who have the right to make decisions on relevant data is on

    But in light of this one needs to understand as we who reside in Mexico, the murder rates are predominately drug on drug crimes. and since again we are not involved in it our exposed rate is very low. southern baja rate is no different than southern part of the USA.